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The engineer who designed Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia was engaged and the result was an almost identical steel suspension bridge, very impressive in the middle of Africa.Birchenough Bridge now spans a wide sandy waterless riverbed.

Thus, to take just one example, cutting trees in mountainous Nepal kills people in low-lying Bangladesh on a regular basis. Plants, fish, birds and animals, even people lose their habitat and disappear.It looks like its famous twin plonked in the middle of the Sahara.A paradise teeming with hippos and crocodiles has vanished.And the inevitable waterway to the Heart of Darkness. And what despair at the apparently unstoppable destruction of it all! Major ones have catchment areas the size of half a continent.The analogy of streams, rivers and their tributaries as the veins and arteries of the earth is not inappropriate. They are the natural habitat of zillions of animals, fish, insects, birds, plants and bacteria.

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