Dating hermle clocks

Since 1922, the Franz Hermle Clock Company of Gosheim/Wuerttemberg, Germany has manufactured most of the movements, regardless of the name on the dial of the clock since very few manufacturers make their own movements, but rather only design and style the case and exteriors of clocks.

In order to identify your clock movement manufactured by Hermle, look for the following information which is located in the lower right corner of the movement.

Hermle is now one of the few German companies in the field of watchmaking, which can fully handle both the demand for clocks as well as for movements.The number beneath the pendulum length is the beats or ticks per hour and is not important.In the case of a Grandfather Clock Movement it is also necessary to note if your clock uses a Brass Lyre Pendulum or a standard Disk and Stick Pendulum. To do this use your bathroom scale and first weigh your self, then step back on the scale with the weights in you hand and subtract the 2 figures to establish the clock weights.Being a producer of mechanical clock movements, HERMLE has established itself as a market leader.HERMLE clocks are produced in Germany and meet therefore even the highest standards of manufacturing.

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