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She asked me to wash her back, then when I was finished she asked me to keep going, so I kind of briefly, I swear it was brief, briefly washed her derriere. After I finished her legs, she said something about being almost all clean, and wasn't I going to finish her. and there may have been a tiny bit of breast washing too. He did manage to force himself to slow his entry to an excruciatingly slow pace, relishing the feel of her warm moistness as it inch by slow inch, engulfed his throbbing member. When her body locked up again, her screams of passion going silent, he knew she had just gone over the edge, and that another powerful orgasm was going to wrack her body, and though he was so close himself, her legs were locked incredibly tightly around him, preventing him from getting that last little bit that he needed. And your pussy, and your ass." "And what was I doing to mom before this? You saw that coming did you." "" "It wasn't like that! He placed the head of his cock against her soaked lips, swishing it up and down her labia a few times, and then could hold back no more. It was more than he could take, and he slammed into her. Felt himself relentlessly pounding hard into his amazing wife, as she gasped and moaned, working to meet his every thrust. As he climbed up her body, he could see the confusion in her face, having just woken to what he knew was a massive orgasm, but he was in too severe a need to reassure her. I need you to fuck me harder than you ever have before! He knew it only happened when she was seriously aroused, and somehow he knew she meant it more now than ever before. It was so comical that she wanted to burst out laughing, and probably would have to, if she wasn't also a little miffed. She was testing you, after what you did to her." "Oh. After a second or two her entire body started twitching in orgasmic release while she fell back into the bed releasing his head from her thighs.Sighing, Emily got up after she had her fill, and was about to start clearing away the table when her mother stopped her. You and Emily might as well get started on your studying, or just go relax if you'd rather. "Just don't try and drag me out of bed before eight, or I'll be holding them up crooked." As she made her way to Evans' room, she tried to figure out what to start with.

Frantically he tried to warn her, as he knew she didn't like him to go off in her throat. " She could feel herself giggling, listening to Evan. But then her thighs were crushing his head between them. " her body locked up as her eyes came wide open, her chest heaving off the bed, with her erect nipples standing as hard as he had ever seen them while she screamed out silently. Slowly, he became aware of hearing a mumbled voice. Just seeing her like that made his cock throb all the harder. I'm listening." She could see that he was trying to think of how to start, so she sat quietly waiting, feeling her cock start to stiffen again while she gazed at him. Let us just say that mom might have a bit of a bi-curious side herself." "What! " "Oh, maybe because she kind of felt me up in the shower." She knew her jaw was hanging open, but she didn't know how to get it closed again. I've been stupid in more ways than one today." "Oh dear.

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