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Speaking for the first time, exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, Lisa, a former high-flying police officer, said: 'It's true. At first I denied it because I was so desperate to keep my job and I didn't want to hurt Ralph.'I know some people will think it's disgusting.

And I'm not proud of what I did - it was inappropriate behaviour. Ralph is gorgeous and the chemistry between us was amazing. This sort of attraction happens to people all the time.

They invite me to go for weekends away to lavish locations and nice hotels and give me their cards.

One can't help asking whether Ralph Fiennes didn't spot a vulnerable woman, use her, and then abandon her to face the sack from her job with Qantas. I've seen The English Patient 20 times.' She recaptured her composure and added: 'I'm so sorry. He didn't have a meal and drank only a couple of glasses of Shiraz.'But every time I looked up I saw that he was watching me.

He asked what she would be doing in Bombay, where she was staying, and said, 'Do you want to meet up? That would be cool.'By this point they were sitting so close their faces were just inches apart. I just melted.'He was caressing my neck, holding my head and he started undoing the buttons on my dress. And I thought if I was going to get the sack, it would be worth it. I said, "No, never." I asked him the same question and he said, "No."'The only strange thing was that he kept his eyes open the whole time, staring at me intensely, although we were kissing madly.

The way he was going, he would have made love to me right there.'I was very turned on and so was he. I knew it was against the rules and wrong but I didn't care. Looking back, I think of it as dangerous behaviour and hypocritical given that he was going to India to talk about AIDS. 'I realised that people would miss me and wonder where I was as my break was almost over.

She claims her behaviour was out of character but says: 'I just had no control over myself. I couldn't resist him.'She has had only one other liaison with a man she met while working on a flight - an American with whom she had dinner and later spent a weekend in New York.'But that was very much out of office hours,' she said.

'Men travelling business class are always coming on to me.

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